Friday, August 26, 2011

Better Batter Brownie Mix

I've been meaning to try a Better Batter mix for awhile now.  I bought the fudge brownie mix last weekend at G-Free NYC and whipped them up last night.  They were indeed fudgy and delicious.

The reason I've been wanting to try this particular brand is because I came across their site a few months ago and saw something I really liked about them: they offer financial aid for families with autistic children or families that meet the federal guidelines for food aid.  For those of you that don't know, a gluten free diet has shown to significantly help children with autism.  With the price of gluten free food generally so high, I think this is a really great program.  I don't qualify for either, but the fact that Better Batter has this program is enough to make me want to support them.

They have an all purpose flour mix, a seasoned flour mix (think fried chicken), a pancake & biscuit mix, a yellow cake mix, a chocolate cake mix, and the fudge brownie mix I tried.  The brownie mix was around $6.50, which is comparable or cheaper than other brands.  Go ahead, try their mixes and feel good about your purchase when you do.

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