Friday, January 4, 2013

Good to Go Organics

I have mixed feelings about writing this post because I didn't actually love the food I ate, but I appreciated it so much that I think it's worth sharing.

My brother and I drove home to Vermont a few weeks ago for Christmas vacation.  We stopped along the way at a rest stop in Connecticut for some food.  Normally on these drives I either bring some snacks or eat McDonald's french fries, which is not healthy and questionable anyway.  This time I noticed a sign for Good to Go Organics at the back of the travel plaza.  I told my brother I wanted to check to see if they had anything gluten free and they did - it was a Christmas miracle!

I was so excited to see Applegate gluten free chicken nuggets on the menu.  I was also excited to see tater tots, because really, who doesn't love tater tots?  The nice gentleman working behind the counter was very knowledgeable about what was gluten free and what wasn't.

My brother got regular chicken nuggets and tater tots.  Both of our meals were so-so.  The gluten free chicken nuggets were very small  but I was still excited to be eating chicken nuggets again.  The tater tots had so much potential but had a weird I was microwaved and now I'm sad taste.  After we finished my brother said he wished we had gotten McDonald's.

Even though the food could have been a little bit better, I still think this is a great idea.  Good to Go Organics has five locations.  The one I visited is located in the travel plaza on 95 between exits 40 and 41 in Milford, CT.  Another is in the MetLife Stadium in NJ where the Giants and Jets play.  The other three are food carts - two in Central Park and one at Chelsea Piers.  Please note, as of right now the gluten free chicken nuggets and tater tots are only available at the CT location.