Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Little Beet

After six months of not working full time I got a new job.  I love the lazy bum that created the name funemployment because I had an amazing six months of fun.  I did a lot of cool freelance projects, had frequent lunches with my brother, went to dance classes in the middle of the day, and did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  Quitting my job was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Life's too short to be miserable at work.

Anyway, now I'm back to working full time.  I'm doing something completely different but the work is interesting and the people are super nice.  That's really all I can ask for.  Oh, and the point of this whole post is now I have to (get to?) find new places to eat lunch.  Lucky for me, The Little Beet just opened and it's within walking distance of my new office.  Everything at The Little Beet is gluten free.  The whole place.  Which is really kind of amazing.  It's the friendliest of Celiac friendly places.  They also have super good and healthy food. And if you need a gluten free treat they also have baked goods from Tu-Lu's.

The Little Beet is a pretty casual place which makes it a great place to grab something to go for lunch.  They don't have table service, but they do have two floors of seating if you want to sit for awhile.  I go out to eat a lot, but I'm glad there is now a place that is 100% gluten free for those folks who were still too nervous to eat outside of their own kitchens.  And I'm selfishly glad it's just a few blocks from my new office.  Everybody wins!