Tuesday, May 3, 2011

G-Free NYC - A Gluten Free Store!

A fully gluten free store just opened in Manhattan.  This is very exciting for several reasons, the main one being that I don't have to worry about checking any labels to see if something is gluten free.  It is also exciting because they carry a lot of my favorite products, as well as a lot of products I've been wanting to try.  They have a large selection of frozen foods as well as shelf stable.  They also get baked goods delivered from Tu-Lu's every morning.

I've been twice in the last week and I got a bunch of goodies.  Most of them are pictured below.  I had never tried any of them before.  I also got a box of soy sauce packets so I can throw a few in my purse instead of lugging a bottle around with me when I want to go for sushi.  I have already used these and have deemed them a great purchase.  I tried the granola as well and it is really good.  I got another box of it with cranberries and cashews.  Mmm.

This is the soy sauce.  Best purchase yet.

You can't see the prices in the picture very well, but the bread is $5.95, the granola $6.20 for 4 packets, the crackers $4.95, the dumplings $7.50 for 8 dumplings, and the mac and cheese $3.  I'm too lazy to get up and see how much the granola bar is.  Even though the prices seem - and are - high, they are about the same, and in some instances lower, than I've seen at other stores.  (This is pretty depressing.  You pretty much have to be rich to be gluten free.  I'm not.)  Kudos to these folks for not bumping their prices up even higher though, because it is an especially specialty, specialty store.

So, go to this store.  Support them in their gluten free mission.  I know I will.

G-Free NYC
77A West 85th Street
(between Columbus & CPW)
New York, NY 10024

Telephone: 646.781.9770
Email: info@g-freenyc.com
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am-6pm


  1. This must literally be right down the block from Barbara and Arch!!
    Nice find Anya

  2. Great recap. I hope you got the Meetup discount. I need to check it out soon!

  3. Hey there! What a nice job you are doing with this! I am going to forward this on to a friend. His sister lives in NYC and had found it very difficult to gr alternatives.

    Just FYI on the cost of gf foods. There is a tax deduction you can make(unless they did away with it like every other benefit these days), where you can deduct the EXTRA cost of the gf item. Ithink you just need to be abale to show you have celiac or gluten allergy. Letme know if you want me to find out more info on this.

    Glad to see you have turned lemons into lemonade!
    Mrs Lyons

  4. Hey you eat sushi out often? How can you trust that they don't have cross-contamination? Regular soy sauce gets everywhere!


  5. Hey Brian,

    I do eat sushi out a lot. I bring my own soy sauce. I steer clear of imitation crab meat, anything fried, and the eel sauce. Other than that I usually feel pretty safe. If in doubt, don't eat it.