Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye Creemees

I stole this picture from the internet.  I do not know who's arm this is.

I just came to the very sad realization that I can no longer eat creemees in a cone.  If you don't know what a creemee is, you aren't from Vermont.  If you try to tell me creemees are "soft serve" I refuse to listen, because you are wrong, and I will not agree to disagree.

I am so sad about this realization that I don't know what to say.  Growing up in a town with not much else to do in the summer (or any time of the year), going for this delicious treat embodies so much of my adolescence.

My personal favorite creemee is a baby black raspberry vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles.  My favorite part is the last bite where the creemee part has melted into the cone part.  Some people will say it's fine, I can still eat the creemee part.  But a creemee in a dish?  I just don't know.

I'm going to go morn this loss now.  And when I pull myself together I'll google gluten free cones to try and see if my life is still salvageable. 


  1. I truly miss creemees... My favorite is black raspberry with rainbow sprinkles, from, non other than, the infamous Dairy Cream. Chocolate with chocolate sprinkles is runner-up. :)

  2. I'm sure you already saw this, but I wanted to tell you that I've had cones made by this company!

    I've only had the regular organic sugar cones, but they have a link to a really good review of the GF ones. I hope they're tasty! I think this company's product names are hilarious; I just picture some college students sitting around thinking up different kinds of ice cream accessories they can make organic or gluten-free. I think that's how you end up with a name like, "Let's do . . . sprinkles"!

    - Caitlin

  3. It might not be a VT creemee, but you can enjoy a gluten free cone in the city!

    scroll down and look what they are serving up! Let's go :)