Friday, August 5, 2011

Mozzarelli's Pizza

I've been meaning to try Mozzarelli's for a long time now.  Today, after my unfortunate lunch experience, I decided it was a good day to try it.  Mozzarelli's is a regular New York pizza place with a pizza counter and a few seats.  They serve pizzas, pastas, salads, calzones, and desserts.  They also have gluten free pizzas, pastas, salads (of course), and desserts.  There were three gluten free choices: cheese, pepperoni, and veggie.  I got one pepperoni and one veggie slice.

Look I actually took a picture.
The pizza was surprisingly good!  In fact, it was the second best gluten free pizza I've ever had (the pizza I had in Albany still places #1 in my book).  Not only that, but they had a huge selection of gluten free desserts from My Dad's Cookies.  I had never tried any of these products before so of course I had to try something.  It was a tough decision between the cake and the cookies, but I decided to try the black and white cookies.  They were pretty good.  In general I'm not sure who needs dessert with their pizza, but that's ok.

My favorite part of this place is that it really is just a regular casual pizza place.  I haven't been able to stop for a slice like this in almost a year.  I'll be back, and next time I plan on trying the gluten free baked ziti.  Mmm.

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  1. such mozzarellis pizza is very tasty food . i take this pizza every day in routine life. i love pizza