Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sometimes you just need some mac and cheese in your life.  S'MAC is there for you during these times.  Located in the east village, S'MAC offers several variations of mac and cheese to please every palate.  They even let you create your own if you so desire.  And, great news, they offer gluten free macaroni.  Not only that, but their bechamel sauce doesn't contain wheat flour and their bread crumbs are made out of gluten free corn flakes.

I've been to S'MAC a few times and always manage to leave feeling a little bit sick from too much mac and cheese.  Probably the Nosh (smallest) size would be enough, but when you are there and hungry the Major Munch (medium) seems like a necessity.  Don't worry, the walk back to Union Square after gives you some time to digest and get those cheese legs moving.

Mmm mac and cheese.

Update 1/25/2014: S'MAC now also has a Murray Hill location on 33rd Street between Lexington and 3rd.  Also, I have really smartened up in my old age and now always get the Nosh.


  1. I had no idea S'mac had gf options. Headed to NYC next week, newly diagnosed with celiac. Thank you!!!