Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gluten Free Baking Classes!

Now, in addition to offering baked goods, I'm offering baking classes!  Join me to learn the basics of baking gluten free.  I'll teach you how to make your favorite treats or a few of the basics (chocolate chip cookies anyone?).  Classes are offered for individuals or small groups, so whether you want to master banana muffins on your own or with your friends, I'm your girl.  You'll get to take home the recipes you've learned along with your finished baked goods.

Give the gift of baking.  Know an aspiring baker or someone that needs a little help in the kitchen?  A baking class is a great gift idea!

While I bake gluten free for myself, I'm more than happy to teach you how to bake with regular white or wheat flour.

For more information on baking classes, please email me at anothergfblog@gmail.com


  1. Great idea. Let's talk on Friday. Maybe you can teach a Meetup event?!

  2. I think you have found your calling. Remember in college when we'd sit around and agonize over what to do with the rest of our lives? And how you wanted to eat cookies and help people? Honestly. Start a baking business. Private classes. Or a GF bakery. Get your restaurant-savvy mama to help. I can see it all happening! Then you can open a Spain branch and we can fulfill our longtime dream of eating french bread and olives and cheese in Europe. With our Oompa-loompas.