Friday, September 2, 2011

Hale and Hearty

I used to love Hale and Hearty soup for lunch.  Warm and comforting, it is a great lunch choice for fall, winter, spring, and even some summer days when the air conditioning in your office makes it feel like winter.  Once I went gluten free I was too scared to eat at Hale and Hearty because I wasn't sure if their soups were gluten free or not.   A few weeks ago, though, I really wanted soup for lunch so I emailed them to see.  I wasn't sure I'd hear back, but low and behold, I had an answer within the hour.  Turns out, the vast majority of their soups are perfectly safe to eat.  This information is on their website, but it's a bit difficult to find.  A full list of their gluten free soups is here.

Hale and Hearty has locations all over the city and each day they have multiple soup options.  I've never had one I didn't like and I'm happy to know I can add them to my lunchtime restaurant choices.

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