Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vic's Bagel Bar

*Update 5/5/13: I recently learned that Vic's is now closed.

Yesterday I read on twitter about a bagel place in NYC that has gluten free bagels.  I was instantly intrigued.  I've had a few gluten free bagels in the last 10 months, but they've always been bought frozen at the grocery store and not very good.  The thought of going into a normal bagel store and ordering a gluten free bagel was oddly exciting.  My google search of Vic's Bagel Bar informed me that Vic's is only a short 4 block walk from my office.  I obviously had to go this morning.

Vic's describes itself as a "specialty bagelry".  I'm not sure bagelry is a word, but it is special in that instead of having different flavors of cream cheese, they have a few basics and then you mix in whatever you want.  It's also special, in my mind, because they have gluten free bagels.  Not only that, but I was amazed to find they have 4 different flavors of gluten free bagels: plain, poppy, sesame, and everything.  This morning I had an everything gluten free bagel with low fat cream cheese.  In with the cream cheese I mixed carrots and green peppers, because I like the crunch of veggie cream cheese, and I like to pretend I'm being healthy.  I also got a medium tea.

Here are my thoughts: it is very exciting to be able to order a gluten free bagel for breakfast.  The idea of adding your own mix ins to your cream cheese is kind of fun.  But, and unfortunately there is a but, the gluten free bagel was very dense - as is the problem with many gluten free items.  Not only that, but the breakfast put me back $7.95.  Yikes.  While I appreciate the fact that they have gluten free bagels as an option, I don't think I'll become a regular at Vic's.

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