Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Mermaid, a Celiac, and a Jew walk into a bar... (Restaurant Review: Viva Herbal Pizza)

*Update 1/25/2014: I was out in the East Village last night and once again needed a piece of pizza.  I tried to go to Viva but it was closed.  As in no longer exists.  Don't worry though, because S'MAC is only a block away and they are open until 1 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Viva Herbal Pizza is a funny place.  Most of the stuff is vegan, everything is Kosher, and they have some gluten free options.  My manfriend and I walked in around 11:30 pm a few Saturdays ago after being out and needing a snack.  He got a regular cheese slice and I got a broccoli gluten free slice.  Shortly after 3 people walked in dressed as mermaids.  They were vegan.  While we were eating a bunch of 20 something Jewish couples came in.  They were Kosher.  So in this tiny restaurant late on a Saturday night was a really grumpy Asian man running the counter, 2 Mexicans working in the kitchen, 3 people dressed as mermaids eating vegan pizza, an interracial couple (us) eating gluten free pizza, and 10 conservative Jews eating kosher pizza.  It was an odd mix of people but this little place had something for everyone.  Only in New York.

It wasn't a great piece of gluten free pizza, but it was pretty decent and I was happy it was there.  Sometimes you just need some Saturday night pizza and Viva Natural is open until 2 am and conveniently located in the east village near Union Square.

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  1. I love this post. This basically sums up the melting pot of NYC!