Thursday, March 10, 2011

So I Started This Blog...

I used to hate blogs.  I thought they were dumb.   But recently, I've found myself reading them.  Some of them.  I don't subscribe to any, because that's too much of a commitment, but my dear friend Katherine has shown me a few I enjoy reading from time to time. My roommate has one that's fun to read, and my friend Mallory started one about food, and who doesn't like food?  I have recently started reading a lot of  blogs about celiac disease and gluten free food.  Not because I enjoy this topic, but because I have to live this topic.  Here's my story:

I'm a hypochondriac.  I always have been.  I'd like to thank my father for this trait.  As a result of this, whenever something is actually wrong with me I ignore it because I think I'm making it up.  Most of the time I'm sure I am making things up, but it turns out that sometimes I'm not.  For example, I was having stomach aches every day for about a year.  Some days it was just a little pain, and some days it was debilitating.  After about two months of this my boyfriend told me to go to the doctor.  I said "For a stomach ache?  Psh that's lame."  Well, ten months or so later I went to Toronto to visit my college roommates who I hadn't seen in years.  I spent almost the entire weekend doubled over in pain.  When I got back I decided to finally see a doctor.

A week later I sat with the doctor who looked at my test results from the week before and said "Well, no more beer for you."  I looked right back at that man and said "As long as I can still have pancakes, that's fine."  He gave me a sad smile and now here we are.  With a Celiac diagnosis and a serious lack of pancakes.

That was September 2010.  It's now March and I've come a long way.  Not to say I'm living a seamless gluten free life, but the pity parties have slowly gotten less and less.  I've decided to start this blog as a way to explore my gluten free life.  I'll be discussing different restaurants, products, recipes, events, resources, and my general feelings on gluten free life.  Since being diagnosed with celiac disease I've read countless blogs on the topic that have helped me to adjust and I'm hoping this blog will be able to help someone else, or at the very least entertain Katherine while she's bored at work.

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