Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gluten Free Mexico

This is me reading on the beach.

I just got back from a week in Mexico.  It was pretty great.  I did nothing but lay on the beach, drink frozen drinks, snorkel, go on a cultural excursion, and eat - almost entirely gluten free.

It was an all inclusive trip so all the food and drinks were included and available in abundance.  They had a few restaurants open for dinner, a buffet, a 24 hour snack bar, and bars everywhere.  The drinks were gluten free so that wasn't a problem.  Phew.  The buffet had so many different options that I was fine.  I mostly ate veggies, fish, and rice and beans for lunch and dinner.  Breakfast was usually eggs, potatoes, and fruit.  I love Mexico for having watermelon in season in March.  I dislike Mexico for not jumping on the genetically modified food bandwagon and creating seedless watermelon.  That's a joke.  Sort of.  Not at all.

It was easy to avoid gluten most of the time, especially at the buffet.  I just walked past the large sections of breads, pastas, pizzas, and desserts.  Mac and cheese almost got me one day but I finally convinced myself it wasn't worth the stomach ache.  I only knowingly ate gluten twice: going out for hibachi I ate fried rice with lots of soy sauce, and also a chicken nugget that I couldn't resist.  I paid the price for the rice.

Ok ok, I also ate stuff that I'm pretty sure had gluten in it, but I couldn't confirm, and ignorance is bliss, right?  Potatoes au gratin, gravy for the filet mignon, soup?  Meh it's Mexico.

All in all I was fine.  And for those times I wasn't, who knows if it was gluten, or just the foreign food/water.

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