Friday, November 8, 2013


From my dinner at Tommy Lasagna I met a lot of great new bloggers.  This includes Candice from London to NYC. Candice is one of those food bloggers you love but also kind of hate because she clearly likes eating yet she's tall, thin, and beautiful.  When I first went to her blog her most recent post was an analysis of gluten free burgers in the city.  I want to be thin and eat burgers all day.  She also has an adorable accent.  Sigh.

Anyway, Candice's favorite burger is from Bareburger and it made me realize that I've been to Bareburger many times and have never written about them.  Which is a real shame because they are my go to burger as well.  Their burgers are organic, all natural, and grass fed.  They aren't as greasy as most burgers and they have a lot of interesting meat choices like elk, wild boar, bison, and ostrich.  They also have your go to beef, turkey, and veggie burgers if you aren't feeling quit as adventurous.  You can create your own burger or get one of their tasty creations.  Their gluten free bun holds up pretty well.

My only gripe about Bareburger is they make you order french fries separately.  Of course you want french fries but you want them to come with the burger so you can be all, "well, they came with the burger so I guess I better eat them."  Instead, they shame you into ordering french fries and a burger.  However, I should note that I have never NOT ordered the fries.  That would be just crazy talk.  Fortunately, an order is pretty big so you can share them with a friend.

There are several locations throughout the city.  And they deliver.  Mmm burgers.

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