Monday, January 5, 2015

Tres Pupusas

On the same day I received the cookie mix samples I received some coupons in the mail to try Tres Pupusas.  I decided to make a real night of it and have these for dinner and make the cookies for dessert.  I headed to my local Whole Foods and got two free boxes of Tres Pupusas.  I opted for Spinach & Cheese and Green Chile & Cheese.

According to their website, a pupusas is a Salvadoran "stuffed corn tortilla filled with delicious goodness".  Having sampled these myself, I can confirm this is true.  These are one of the very first products I have actually gone out and bought again on my own.  I just had the Spinach & Cheese for dinner with a side of veggies.

I bought the Spinach & Cheese for myself because I liked it the best, but I also tried the Green Chile & Cheese and it was very good.  They have three other varieties including: Pinto Bean & Cheese, Kale & Pinto Bean, and Black Bean & Sweet Corn.  The ones without cheese are not only gluten free but also vegan.

Tres Pupusas are available at several locations across the county.  I highly recommend them for a great snack or part of a meal.

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