Friday, May 30, 2014

Greenview Kitchen's New Gluten Free Products

Last month someone from Giovanni reached out about trying their new Greenview Kitchen Organic Pasta Sauce, Pizza Sauce, and Bruschetta.  They recently received their gluten free certification and asked if I'd help spread the word.  They sent me their Roasted Garlic pasta sauce, Spicy Tomato pasta sauce, Pizza Sauce, and Bruschetta. So far I've only tried the sauces but I really enjoyed both of them.  The Roasted Garlic is a little bit sweet (in a good way) and the Spicy is a little bit spicy (not overwhelmingly so).  They have aided in some very easy dinners these last few weeks which has been super helpful as my job is busy and I was extra busy finding a new roommate (she moves in tomorrow)!

I haven't had a chance to try the pizza sauce or bruschetta yet but I'm looking forward to both.  They suggest putting the bruschetta over grilled chicken and I think that sounds like a great idea. Certified gluten free and organic?  What's not to like.

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